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Ulrike Arnold, Earth Artist, has turned her eye to the sky. Painting with meteorites.

Southwest Meteorite Laboratory has authenticated and supplied the meteorite materials which are used in this series of paintings. These particles come from five meteorites which were found on four continents.

These stones and irons have come from across the universe from planets, asteroids and comets traveling millions of miles on a collision course with earth. A meteor appears as a trail of light visible across the night sky. The meteorite is a meteor which survives the heated entry and impacts on earth. These objects from outer space are rare and wonderful.

These messengers from space contain the substances of the earliest formation of the universe. In the nebula formation of our galaxy, the Milky Way, and its billions of stars. The four meteorites represented in this series of paintings by Ulrike Arnold are chondritic and iron meteorites. The irons are a unique combination of nickel and crystallized iron octahedrites. The process which crystallizes iron is similar the core of our earth cooling slowly as little a one Kelvin per million years. On the other hand chondrites are relatively rapid forming. These stone chondrites vary in their composition and appearance; they do have chondrules. Chondrules are small curricular structures within the matrix of stony meteorites. We do not have anything like it on earth because these are some of the most primitive compounds which materialized in our universe. Chondrule formation is a mystery. But we are able to observe minute grains with an affinity to form, combine and accumulate in varied ways with indications to the dynamic nature of the creation.

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