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Rockart – Art in Nature

Since 1991 I have also painted directly on the appropiate rocks with the colours I gathered in the surroundings. With this technique I formed about 15 earth paintings in different regions of Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico, USA, and more of them in India and on Tenerife, for example.

in India
• Badami, Karnataka, Southindia 2001
  Rockart approx. 6 m length with earth of the region
• snake altar: Installation with canvas and clay brick

in different regions of the USA
• Monastery Christ in the desert, Abiquiu, New Mexico 1991
• Zen monastery, Crestone, Colorado 1991
• Embudocave, New Mexico 1991
• Flagstaff, Arizona 1993

in Europe
Mariposa Project, Tenerife 1996
12 meter diameter place in Arona
Project by Hans-Jürgen and Helga Müller

Tagoror, Tenerife
In 1996 I created a rock painting on the grounds of "Mariposa" in Tenerife. The owners of a gallery, Hans-Jürgen Müller and his wife Helga wanted me to form an earth painting on the Tagoror, a round rock place, the "Tingplace" of the Guanches.

The artist Marco Pogagnic had already measured out the place with special techniques and had described it as one of the very exceptional places of energy. Hence they believed that the round place, 12 metres big, needed red earth shades. So I digged volcanic rocks round the island. During my works in January 1996, Thor Heyerdahl visited me in Tagoror.

In March 2003 I returned to Tenerife and freshened up the earth colours, a method which the Aborigines in Australia always repeat.


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