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Art Project of Goethe Institut Dakar, Senegal

January – February 2014

Article: Actu´elle N°8, march 2014
>> Workshop magique à Poponguine (French)
by Laure Malécot

Staying for one month in Senegal, great inspiration here in Popenguine at the sea.

Beach at Popenguine Popenguine rocks Rocks at Popenguine, Senegal collected earth samples

Lots of good colors I collected at the fallaises – a rock side, where the goddess Mame Kumba Thioupam lives to protect this place. People say also the Virgin appeared here at the beach.

Moussa, Ulrike and Zulu at Sangomaar

Doing a trip to Sangomaar with the two artists Moussa Sene Absa (filmmaker and painter) and Zulu Mbaye (painter), where we created a big painting together. In sangomaar they say, that the gods meet to discuss about humans. Its the place where river and sea are meeting.

Baobabs near Sangomaar Filmmaker Moussa Sene Absa at Sangomaar near Sangomaar painting of Ulrike, Moussa and Zulu at Sangomaar

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