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Video gallery

2018/19 entstand der Dokumentarfilm »Dialogue Earth« by Hank Levine.

Doku/portrait about Ulrike Arnold, 74 min.
Director, Producer, / Regie, Produktion: Hank Levine
Areal filming / Kamera vor Ort: Victor van Keuren
Editor / Schnitt: Renan Laviano

Filmtrailer »Dialogue Earth«:

A compendium of video material of Ulrike Arnold working all over the world was published on the DVD »Earthpaintings« (30:00 min), part of her catalogue »Ulrike Arnold – Above and below and all over the world. Recent paintings«, released for the exibition at the Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff in March 2014.

Earth, rocks and stardust (12:35 min)
This film by Holger Künemund about the work of Ulrike Arnold is available in three languages: spoken in english, german and french.

Earth, rocks and stardust (English version) Erde, Felsen, Sternenstaub (German version) Terre, roches, poussières d'étoiles (French version)
USA 1993 (12:37 min), filmed by George Eich Painting of Ulrike Arnold at the Dennis-Hopper-art-collection, (1:33 min) TV clip by Deutsche Welle-TV
film about the work of Ulrike Arnold (4:42 min)
Europe: Iceland
Koongara, Australia 1987 (3:21 min) Ruby Gorge, Australia 1987 (4:01 min) Iceland 1989 (1:42 min)
Asia: Armenia

Asia: India
Armenia 1996 (5:27 min) Arunachala, India 2001
(4:16 min) filmed by R.V. Ramani
Fundación de artista, Merida, Yucatan, 2017 (14:14 min)
Chile and Easter Island 2011/12 (28:38 min) Paranal, Atacama 2012
(6:08 min)
Monturaqui crater,
Atacama 2013
(9:20 min)
Cordilliera de la sal, Atacama 2014 (4:14 min) Laguna Escondida,
Atacama 2015
(3:48 min)
Cueva de Chulacao, Atacama 2014 (6:19 min)
Easter Island 2016
(4:43 min)
Easter Island 2012
(6:33 min)
Valle de Arcoiris,
Atacama 2016
(5:08 min)
Painting at Popenguine, Senegal, (22:30 min) filmed by Moussa Sene Absa January/February 2014. Workshop at Popenguine, Senegal with Ulrike Arnold, Moussa Sene Absa and Zulu Mbaye (13:11 min) in 2014. Togo, Africa 1992
(2:54 min), filmed by Wolfgang Suchner


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