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Travel to Chile in 2013
PARANAL: Temperature 18.91 degree C
Humitity : 8.26, windspeed 6.27 m/s
Yesterday night most beautiful nightsky, saw two comets Lemmon (2012 F6) and Comet PANSTARRS (2011 L4) From Cerro Paranal You see clouds covering the see - the pacific nearby. This very remote area is driest spot on earth and ideal »window« to the universe. Very dry and clear, a bit hard to breath on 2.600 meter. The ESO (European Southern Observatory) has some very large Telescope (VLT) and four big Telescopes (8.2 meter) so this is the best observatory of the world!. Lucky I can stay here few days and nights.
Painting on this amazing - really breathtaking (!!!) place with earth, salt and meteorites !

Paranal, Atacama (6:08 min)



Further Clips from Chile

Between 2012 and 2015 Ulrike Arnold traveled every year to Atacama, painting at different sites like Valle de Arcoiris, Chulacao, Cordilliera de la sal, Monturaqui crater, Paranal and Laguna Escondida.

Monturaqui crater,
Atacama 2013
(9:20 min)
Paranal, Atacama 2012 (6:08 min) Cueva de Chulacao, Atacama 2014 (6:19 min)
Cordilliera de la sal, Atacama 2014, (4:14 min) Laguna Escondida,
2015 (3:48 min)
Chile and Easter Island 2011/12 (28:38 min)



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